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with improving the quality and safety of health-care services by identifying the circumstances and opportunities that put patients at risk of harm and then acting to prevent or control those risks. The following simple four-step process is commonly used to manage clinical risks: 1. identify the risk; 2. assess the frequency and severity of the.

Now her dramatic fall from grace is the subject of Golden Globe nominated movie molly’s Game, based on a memoir she wrote while living at her mother’s home in Keystone, Colorado. herself into.

At the time, he came armed with just a simple Kodak Brownie camera. is best known for iconic photographs of landmarks like Yosemite’s Half Dome and the Sentinel, his photographic techniques also.

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Planning is a necessary part of financial health for everyone, but especially the freelancer. The contingent workforce or non-traditional segment makes up 36% of the U.S. workforce today, compared to 17% just 25 years ago. Gig workers are part of that group. So how do you budget on an inconsistent income?

A fresh effort to expand access to Foothills Park is reopening an old debate, with some residents saying that it’s time let more people in and others arguing that doing so would imperil the very.

With this bill’s passage into law in New York, you will see many more states move toward proposing legislation over the next few years. New Jersey also has pending legislation. Educational choices:.

To design a house with healthy ventilation, we really need to understand the anatomy of this organism. Many people assume that a home’s envelope, or skin, needs to be able to allow a certain amount of air to pass through for the house to be able to breathe. While this concept was fundamental in early building design, it is now a bit outdated.

Interior designers say clients don’t just want help creating a more beautiful home anymore. Here, three interior design experts – Jon Call of Palm Springs, California-based Mr. Call Designs, and New Yorkers Young Huh and Carolyn DiCarlo – recommend four general approaches to creating a healthy home

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Man named ‘TABOR’ worried now that Colorado says he can be booted from his home state with a single vote Tom Sullivan is going to be a great state senator. Although gun violence prevention is what motivated him to enter politics, Mr. Sullivan is far from a single issue candidate. I challenge anyone to listen to Mr. Sullivan speak and not come away knowing this guy has what it takes for his district and Colorado.