Hamas In Their Own Words

The aim of their. Hamas responsible for the devastation that results from Israel’s legal, necessary, and proper responses to its provocations. Only then will Hamas know that if it sows the wind, it.

Jeffrey Herf is distinguished university professor of History at the University of Maryland in College Park and recently a fellow of the Middle East Forum. His Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World was published by Yale University Press in 2009. He is completing a history of the causes, impact, and aftereffects of the antagonism of the East German Communist regime and West German radical left to.

ZDNet’s Catalin Cimpanu called it the first time that “Israel has used brute military force to respond to a Hamas cyber-attack.” Naturally, the incident sparked heated discussions among analysts and.

Hamas in Their Own words. hamas spokesman fawzi Barhoum, calling for a resumption of suicide attacks on Gaza radio, December 27, 2008 "Hamas will continue the resistance until the last drop of blood." Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum, December 25, 2008 "Israel will pay a heavy price for its crimes against the Palestinians.

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Hamas in its Own Words. By .. And what kind of arrogant racist ego does ex president Carter possess that he thinks he can change their minds because Hamas doesn’t really mean what they say?

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Days later, a senior member of Hamas’s military wing said the rockets fired toward central Israel launched on their own due to the terror group’s heightened war footing. “The early, automatic.

By design, this acronym is also meaningful on its own-the Arabic word hamas being typically defined as “zeal” or “warlike strength and.

Hamas Leaders in Their Own Words Hamas has made clear that its goal remains the destruction of Israel and not the betterment of the lives of Gaza’s citizens.

Why do Palestinians continue to support Hamas despite such devastating losses? I know of many Palestinians who do not like Hamas. Yet for them, the Gaza war is about the siege – part of their own war of independence.

Hamas in their own words january 08, 2009 Richard Landes 11 Comments One of the more appalling aspects of the news coverage of this conflict is the pervasive cover-up of Hamas’ true nature.