House okays court action to enforce subpoenas against Trump officials

The House voted to hold him in contempt in a rare instance of Congress taking such action against a sitting member of a president’s Cabinet. Can Trump persuade a court to quash the subpoenas? Just as.

Congress can quickly enforce subpoenas against people who are not current or former trump administration officials. Those witnesses have no legal ammunition to defy a congressional subpoena, so.

 · Lawmakers would go to court to ask a federal judge to validate and enforce their subpoenas. At some point during that legal battle, they could ask a judge to find Trump officials.

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Despite some Democrats calling on the House to use its inherent contempt authority to fine or jail administration officials who defy subpoenas, Democratic leaders have opted to first fight the battles.

Both Pelosi’s comments and the contempt vote scheduled for Tuesday constitute the speaker’s attempt to appease some House Democrats eager to start impeachment proceedings against Trump. chairmen.

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the official said. Nadler confirmed in floor remarks Tuesday that enforcement of the Barr subpoena would be held "in abeyance for now." But he said he would go to court "as quickly as possible".

 · The House can pursue civil contempt proceedings if the company – or person, federal agency, or whoever else is subpoenaed – refuses to comply, and go to court to enforce the subpoena. Congress can also ask the Justice Department to consider criminal contempt proceedings to punish someone for refusing to comply.

House authorizes legal action against Trump officials refusing to comply with subpoenas for Mueller report material Democrats pushed a resolution through the House on Tuesday giving committee.

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In most instances, Trump risks trouble with Congress over subpoenas, "contempt of Congress" citations and civil enforcement actions in court. House plans to assert executive privilege to prevent.

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