Makeup Queen Bobbi Brown on Selling a Business, Starting Another

Bobbi Brown (born April 14, 1957) is an American professional makeup artist and the founder and ex-CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Brown has written eight books about makeup and beauty. She is the Contributing Beauty & Lifestyle Editor of Health magazine and Beauty & Lifestyle editor of the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show radio broadcast.

The Pro Files: Bobbi Brown on Doing Michelle Obama’s Makeup, Leaving Her Company, and What Comes Next With a book launch and a new website on the way, the pro fills us in on what’s to come

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Fired to Hired: Bouncing Back from Job Loss to Get to Work Right Now. 3.8 8 5 1. by Tory Johnson.. Here are some tips to start you off onyour path toward securing a new job.. cosmetics queen Bobbi Brown is known around the world but therewas a time when she couldn’t even get a job at a cosmetics counter."I tried to get a job doing makeup.

Founded by Bobbi Brown, justBOBBI is a modern lifestyle platform for all things wellness, beauty, travel and more.. Business. Bobbi Brown’s Guide to Success: Go To Fewer Meetings, and Take More Action. Makeup Queen Bobbi Brown on Selling a Business, Starting Another.

I met makeup guru Bobbi Brown, founder of her best-selling eponymous brand back in the 80s. She was a freelance makeup artist and I was the beauty editor working with her on a photo shoot. Even then as a rookie she had star power and strong opinions. She wanted skin to look authentic and used neutral colors that enhanced faces and features.