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Pacific Union Conference 1. Church and School Loan Fund 2. Income Fund Investment Fund and Loan Fund

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The Pacific Union Conference Office of Education (PUCOE) is an administrative office operating within a structure authorized by the Pacific Union Conference Executive Committee. 5110. Pacific Union Conference Board of Education The Pacific Union Conference Board of Education (PUCBOE) is the policy formulating body of the K-12 school system.

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The registrars of the pacific union conference subscribe to the following code of ethics exemplifying those qualities and attributes that contribute to success in the profession: A belief in and loyalty to, the philosophy and goals of the profession and the institutions served.

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PACIFIC UNION CONFERENCE LOAN APPLICATION This application is designed to be completed by the applicant with the local conference assistance. Questions concerning this application should be directed to the local conference treasurer. I. BORROWER Church/School Name _____ Membership/Enrollment_____

The Fund loans to Pacific Union entities for capital projects only. Entities repay the funds, over time, with interest, to maintain the fund for future borrowers. All loan request for organizations where a local conference has jurisdiction start at the parent conference.

The president is ultimately responsible for the work of all departments within the Pacific Union Conference organization. The president is a member of many Union, Division, and General Conference boards and committees in a coordinating and representative role. He assists at local conference constituency meetings and helps develop conference.

Welcome to the Office of Education WHY Believing in the education of all students in Seventh-day Adventist schools, we exist to inspire the continual improvement of students and educators to become "something better".

The following slide deck was published by Union Pacific Corporation in conjunction with this event. Download PDF 117 Click to enlarge Notes: The following slide deck was published by Union Pacific.

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